When: Friday 9th August 2013

Where: Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week

Class: SB20 – start time 10.25

Boat Name: Volvo – Sail number: GBR 3561

There will be enough gold on the water on Friday 9th to sink a small battleship, but for Helena Lucas and Lee Pearson this is different challenge.

Helena, who won Paralympic Gold in the 2.4mR single handed keelboat class in 2012, is campaigning her SB20 in the Cowes Grand Slam and throughout the week in the sportsboat class with her team of top class sailors.

On Friday 9th August Helena will be sailing with ten time Paralympic gold medallist Lee Pearson, who is more commonly found on a horse than on the water. Lee is preparing to hand the reigns over to Helena and join her onboard her SB20 to take on a completely unfamiliar challenge.

Helena met Lee at Wimbledon and once she found out that he had sailed in Cowes Week once before, she could not resist inviting him again. Last time he was a guest on a much larger yacht, this time the experience will be a bit different when Lee joins the SB20 expert race crew.

Team Volvo sailor, Helena explained, “Lee is so enthusiastic about everything, and when I mentioned coming sailing he immediately said he was up for the challenge – my only concern now is that I may have to return the honour and go riding with him – I’ve never ridden a horse in my life!”

Helena and Lee will be sailing in Cowes on Friday 9th August. Their start time is 10.25 for the SB20 class, Sail number GBR 2561 (Volvo) and they will be heading back to shore post racing where they will both be available for interviews.

Please note timings subject to change.

Helena Lucas is supported by Volvo and Henri Lloyd in her SB20 campaign during Cowes Week, as well as by SailSpy.com who are the local suppliers for Go-Pro and Oakley.